Welcome to Kiwi's Nest of Exotic Birds. Our aviary is a small home based aviary which is closed to the public for the health of our birds. We are located in North Carolina. My husband and I are the sole owners, so we take great pride in it. We spend a great deal of time with our breeders and especially our baby birds. We believe in breeding species of excellent quality known for their good disposition, and their ability to interact with their human flock. Our babies are very sweet and affectionate. We do not sell unweaned babies as they can be easily injured or killed by someone who is inexperienced in hand-feeding baby birds. We feel the Lord has blessed us greatly with healthy breeders and babies, as well as the ability to acquire the knowledge and skills to raise these wonderful birds.

Our story begins with the gift of a Quaker Parrot, from my mother. From the very beginning, we knew there was something very special about her. She was, without a doubt, exceptionally beautiful, gentle and sweet mannered. It wasn’t long and she was talking saying things like, Kiwi, Momma, Step Up & Hello.  Everyone that came into contact with her found themselves charmed by this little green & grey sweetheart named Kiwi. We had the bird “fever” and in a short time bought a few more pet birds, another Quaker, Amazon and a Cockatoo.  While searching for the best foods, shopping for toys and cages, we talked with a lady who owned a bird store who encouraged us to breed birds.  In no time at all, we decided we would love the joyful opportunity of raising these magnificent birds.  This is how we became Kiwi’s Nest of Exotic Birds.  Since we started we have had lots of wonderful support from family and friends.


My husband, and I raise parrots in our home for your home.  The babies are hand-fed and nurtured by our family from two weeks of age to have the best start they can towards being a delightful member of your family. We raise a small number of baby birds so that they get as much socialization as possible in a happy, healthy, fun, safe and stress free environment. Since our hand-raised babies will become lifetime companions, we feel it is necessary to familiarize them to common household noises, and activities. They spend their days around our pets and the normal family noises and activity they will likely encounter in a normal household. We familiarize them with being handled from head to toe.  A variety of toys are introduced at an early age to encourage independent play. Our babies are exposed to different play environments to help them develop a good personality, coordination and balance.  We would like our birds to be comfortable in many different situations, so that their move to your home will be as stress free as possible.