Birds We Raise

We raise African Greys (Congos), Amazons (Blue Fronts, Double Yellow Heads and Yellow Napes), Conures (Green Cheeks {Cinnamons, Normals, Pineapples & Turquoise} & Suns), Eclectus (Grand, S.I. & Vos) Indian Ringnecks (Green, Lutinos & Olive), Lovebirds (Peach-Faced & Fisher’s), Macaws (Blue & Gold, Catalina & Greenwing), Pionus (Maximillian), Quakers (Blue, Blue Opaline, Blue Pallid, Green, Green Opaline, Green Pallid, Blue Pallid Opaline, Green Pallid Opaline, Dark Eye Yellow & Splits) and Rose Breasted Cockatoos.  This may sound like a lot, but as I said before we are a small aviary so we have limited supply of each species.


Our breeder birds are not pushed to lay more eggs by having their eggs pulled to incubate, or by having their babies pulled at day one.  We allow the parents to raise their babies for 10 to 14 days, before they are pulled for hand-feeding.  We believe they get a much better start this way and are healthier birds. In order to make the breeder birds happier and healthier parents they should spend sufficient time engaging in healthy playtime. All breeders are fed quality foods, cuttlebones, and vitamins.  They also have perches of various size, shape and texture.  We keep all our birds as happy and healthy as possible they are not just a cage number they all have names as well as their own unique personalities we love them just like we do their babies.

Each baby bird is fed Dr. D’s handfeeding formula.  We wean all babies on their own schedule.  They are weaned to the same foods their parents eat on the daily basis.  They are exposed to different foods starting at an early age to familiarize them with a large variety of foods. These foods include pellets, fresh vegetables, fruits, pasta, rice, beans, nuts, as well as a little seed.  This facilitates the weaning process so that they recognize food in its different forms and allows them to explore and experiment with tastes and textures. A variety of foods should be continued to be offered to your bird everyday for the best health.


The newborn babies are closed banded at two weeks of age and go to their new homes with a Written Health Guarantee, and Baby Care Package. The care package includes pellets (Dr. D’s), species information sheet, basic tips on keeping a bird, bird dangers, safe and unsafe plants sheet.  We DO NOT sell unweaned babies to inexperienced as they can be easily injured or killed by someone who is inexperienced in hand-feeding baby birds.  We only sell unweaned babies to those who have knowledge and experience in handfeeding.

All our birds can be DNA tested before pick up and provided a DNA certificate for a non-refundable fee of $25. This fee needs to be paid for at the time of deposit or 2 weeks prior to pick up to receive the certificate at pick up.  The certificate can be mailed to you at a later date if you choose to have the bird tested at pick up for no additional charge.